Rules (regulation)
Death Island Boat Rogaining 2018 Competition.

1.      Objective and Tasks
1.1.   To demonstrate Nāves Sala (Death Island) as an attractive object of historical heritage and active tourism for the residents and guests of Latvia, as well as to provide a reminder about the historical significance of this place in the foundation of the free state of Latvia.
1.2.   To popularise boat rogaining as an interesting, exciting and family friendly activity of active tourism.
1.3.   To determine the best boat rogaining teams in Latvia.

2.      Time and Place of the Competition.
2.1.   Death Island Boat Rogaining 2018 competition (hereinafter - the Competition) will be held on 15 September 2018.
2.2.   The Competition Centre will be located at the end of Death Island Road in Daugmale, on the bank of the River Daugava.
2.3.   The competition site is located on Death Island and the group of islands around Death Island in the River Daugava between Daugmale, Saulkalne and Ikšķile.

3.      The competition is organised by the Tourism Co-ordination Centre of Ķekava Municipality (hereinafter referred to as – TCC), in co-operation with Ozolnieki Rowing Club society (hereinafter referred to as – the Society).
3.1.   The person in charge of organisation of the event is Aiva Veršiņina (Phone: (+371) 29359409) and Atis Lugužs (Phone: (+371) 26761807).

4.      Competition Participants and boats.
4.1.   Anyone, who is aware of their capacity to complete the route, agrees to the provisions of this By-law and has settled application formalities, can become a participant of the competition. Participants under 18 years of age may only participate if they are in a boat together with one of their parents, or an authorised representative of their parents and only after the submission of written permission that has been drawn up in accordance with Annex 2 to the Competition Centre.
4.2.   The composition of a team shall be 2 - 5 people.
4.3.   Participation in the competition is permitted with all types of kayaks, canoes or Aleut kayaks.
4.4.   The use of own or rented boats is permitted during the competition.
4.5.   The organisers of the competition shall provide the participants with the possibility of renting a certain number of boats, safety vests and oars at reduced prices, as much as it is possible. The rental of a double boat (canoe, Aleut canoe or kayak) – EUR 10.-, a triple boat (canoe) – EUR 12.-.

5.      Distances and Start Groups.
5.1.   Sports distance – control time 2 (two) hours and the following start groups have been determined:
5.1.1.      Teams consisting of men only participate in the SV (MALE) group.
5.1.2.      Teams consisting of women only participate in the SS (FEMALE) group.
5.1.3.      Teams consisting of the participants of both sexes participate in the SMIX (MIXED) group.
5.1.4.      Teams including at least one child below 12 years of age participate in the SF (FAMILY) group.
5.2.   Participation in sports distance is permitted with all types of kayaks, canoes or Aleut kayaks. Use of a double oar (with blades on both ends) and a regular oar (with a blade on one end) is permitted for rowing.
5.3.   People’s distance – control time 3 (two) hours and the following start groups have been determined:
5.3.1.      Teams consisting of men and boys only participate in the TV (MALE) group.
5.3.2.      Teams consisting of women and girls only participate in the TS (FEMALE) group.
5.3.3.      Teams consisting of the participants of both sexes participate in the TMIX (MIXED) group.
5.3.4.      Teams including at least one child below 12 years of age participate in the TF (FAMILY) group.
5.4.   Only canoes are permitted for participation in the people’s distance. The team must obey the condition that at least one of the participants uses a regular oar (with a blade on one end only)

6.      Assessment.

6.1.   A team earns a certain amount of points by visiting a control post.

6.2.   A team that has completed the race within the limits of the control time and received the highest number of points will be the winner in each group.

6.3.   If the number of points is equal, the team that completed the route faster shall rank higher.

6.4.   Penalty points (to be specified in BULLETIN 2).

7.      Time Schedule of the Competition (to be specified in BULLETIN 2).

7.1.   Team registration from 09:00 – 10:00 a.m.

7.2.   Collection of rented equipment starting from 9:00 a.m.

8.      Mandatory equipment (to be specified in BULLETIN 2).

9.      Participation Fee and Application Procedure.

9.1.   Registration for the competition must be performed in advance by sending an e-mail to by attaching a filled out form (Annex 1) or by filling out the online application form –

9.2.   The teams that apply from 2 August to 15 August or the first 20 teams (depending on what ensues first), are entitled to receive an Early Bird Ticket – EUR 10.- per participant.

9.3.   The participation fee for applicants who apply from 16 August to 10 September – EUR 15.- per participant.

9.4.   The participation fee for applications made as of 12 September until the date of competition (for vacant places only) – EUR 20.- per participant.

9.5.   A 25% discount on the participation fee shall be applicable to the declared residents of Ķekava Municipality.

9.6.   The participation fee entitles the team to participate in the competition, a competition card, SI (Sport ident) timing device, result service, team number (2 copies), catering service after the finish.

9.7.   Payment of the participation fee shall be made by a transfer to the bank account of the Society, by indicating the title of the event and team in the payment order. Details of the Society:

Biedrība “Ozolnieku airēšanas klubs“ (Ozolnieki Rowing Club society)

Reg. No. 40008245975

Swedbank JSC


9.8.   The amount of the participation fee shall be determined based on the date when the payment is made, not the date of application.

9.9.   The participation fees paid shall not be returned.

10.  Special terms and conditions.

10.1.                    The use of a fastened life vest while the participants are on the competition route, is mandatory. The respective team shall be disqualified for a failure to use the life vest or for a failure to fasten the life vest.

10.2.                    The team number (2 copies per each boat) shall be fastened onto the front of the boat on both sides.

10.3.                    The team may not receive technical assistance from third parties, however, teams may help each other.

10.4.                    The organisers of the competition shall hold a meeting for team captains 30 minutes before the start of each distance to provide a safety briefing, information on the competition area, as well as other essential information. The information provided during the meeting shall be binding on all participants.

10.5.                    The participants and the team must observe the principles of Fair Play.

10.6.                    The participants are prohibited from leaving litter of any kind behind.

10.7.                    Prohibited area (to be specified in BULLETIN 2).

11.  Awarding of Prizes.

11.1.                    The teams ranking 1 to 3 in all groups shall receive awards of the organisers and sponsors. In groups where the number of teams exceeds 20, the organisers of the event are entitled to grant awards to teams that receive lower places, depending on their resources.

11.2.                    Special prizes in individual nominations or prize lotteries among all participants of the competition are scheduled within the framework of the event.

12.  The organisational costs of the event shall be covered by the TCC, the Society, sponsor contributions and participation fees of the participants.

13.  The organisers are entitled to amend and supplement the By-law. Amendments shall be published online on the website For additional information call (+371) 20212125 or send an e-mail to

14.  Complaints of Participants will be accepted on the date of the event in writing within 30 minutes after the posting of all results on the information stands at the Competition Centre, by making a safety deposit payment of EUR 30. The safety deposit will be returned, if the claims are satisfied. The complaints will be reviewed immediately. All stakeholders will be informed on the decisions made. The decision of the main judge is final and binding on all competition participants.

15.  Based on Part One, Section 8 of the Personal Data Protection Law, the Tourism Co-ordination Centre of Ķekava Municipality informs that the personal data indicated in the application form shall be processed with the purpose of ensuring the procedures of the event Death Island Boat Rogaining 2018, including the publication thereof in the results of the competition and the list of previously applied teams (participants). The filled out participant forms will be destroyed within one business day after the end of the event. The Tourism Co-ordination Centre of Ķekava Municipality, address - Rīgas iela 26, Ķekava, Ķekavas novads, LV-2123, is the controller of your data that are mentioned above. In order to ensure the procedures of the competition, the participants give their consent to the transfer of their data to the following providers of outsourced services:

15.1.                    Biedrība “Ozolnieku airēšanas klubs“ (Ozolnieki Rowing Club society)(40008245975) – for the processing of the results;

15.2.                    Biedrība “Kusties!” (Society “Kusties!”) (40008154483) – for team registration and the publication of results online on

16.  By participating in the event, the participants give their consent to being photographed or video filmed and the use of the filmed and photographed materials for the publicity of the competition or other activities of TCC.

17.  Liability of the Parties

17.1.                    The organisers of the competition are the Tourism Co-ordination Centre of Ķekava and the society Ozolnieki Rowing Club, and they are liable for the performance of all organisational duties indicated in this By-law in full amount and good quality.

17.2.                    The participant of the competition, by signing the registration form on the date of the competition, confirms that they agree to the provisions of the present By-law, undertakes to comply with them, is aware of their liability for personal safety on the route, and that they will not raise any claims against the organisers of the competition for potential trauma that can occur due to a lack of experience, insufficient assessment of conditions, negligence of the participant or other participants.

18.  Contacts.

Organisational questions:

·         Tourism Co-ordination Centre of Ķekava Municipality

·         Phone: +371 29359409

·         e-mail:

·         Juris Žilko, GSM. +371 20212125
Distances and Results:

·         Ozolnieki Rowing Club

·         Phone: +371 23202900

·         e-mail:

·         Atis Luguzs, GSM. +371 26761807

Annex No. 1




Team No.
(filled out by the organisers)
Team Title:
Contact phone:
Name, Surname
Date of birth

* I hereby sign to confirm that my health status permits my participation in this event. I hereby confirm that I have read and will observe the By-law of Death Island Boat Rogaining 2018 Competition.


Annex No. 2




I, _______________________________, by signing here, confirm that my child ____________________________________, participates in the Death Island Boat Rogaining 2018 Competition, which will be held on 15 September 2018 in the River Daugava near Nāves Sala (Death Island) of Ķekava Municipality.  I have read the By-law of the event, agree to it and the health status of my child permits them to participate in this event.




Signature of the parents ____________________________

Printed name ____________________________

Telephone of the parents ________________________